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Venna Melinda

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Venna Melinda
Venna Melinda (was born in Surabaya, East Java, on July 20 1972; 37 years old) was a model and the Indonesian film star.
See start the career as the Putri Indonesian 1994. Her acting career was begun through her acting in Catatan Si Boy II. But after playing in this film she stopped and focus to education. Her career was again open through the site of Miss Jakarta 1993 afterwards the Putri Indonesia 1994. After that her career continued to go upwards. Venna then changed to the world of acting and Multivision Plus put her into orbit through the film of Bella Vista 1 and Bella Vista 2. The other film that once that once she star in in part: Bulan Bukan Perawan, Opera Jakarta, Tersanjung 5 and Maha Pengasih. Since her film career decrease, Venna more active developed her hobby in the matter of the maintenance of the body and fitness. Started from the founding of the gymnastics studio, she then cleared the world of the Salsa dance. Venna could have the "Senam Studio and Fitness Venna Melinda", but finally she closed this gymnastics studio because of management lack of clarity that managed her. This bloody Balinese woman also issued DVD contained gymnastics with 'exotic dance'. The owner's tall woman 168 cm and the weight 50 kg this also released her first album of "The Other Side of Me" on September 15 2004. Venna also made the company recording, so as this album under VM (Venna Melinda) Record. In the production of her solo album, Venna issued the pocket personally including becoming the producer. As her seriousness proof, Venna towed the Lamp of Pramana Putra and Pongki Singiku to help the realisation of her first album. Venna also launched the book was entitled "Venna Melinda apostr s Guide To Good Living". This book narrated her decision to take the step in the life that as being undergone by her at this time, was accompanied the complete tip in order to maintains body fitness.

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