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Wiwid Gunawan

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Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi lahir di Bandung, Jawa Barat, 21 Juni 1982, umur 27 tahun. Artis seksi nan cantik ini lebih dikenal sebagai Wiwid Gunawan. Artis berdada besar ini adalah aktris dan bintang iklan Indonesia.
Wiwid gunawan begins to be known by afters public gets role in sinetron Cinderella. Wiwid progressively being known by afters extent gets role in wide screen film Kawin kontrak.
Wiwid has once claim like to wachting porn film. "I am its pleasing which western," its says. Wiwid's hobby watch porn film gets beginning while it trips syuting film' kawin kontrak.In that film it cast a hot scene. "I am watch observation erotica films," say Wiwid that its acting while gets enough cot scene make sure it, say Wiwid at Euro Cafe . Of film that be watched it, Wiwid tries to simulate expression while gets scene heartfully. Of there, it can more menghayati its acting at kawin kontrak. Without reluctant, it claims umpteen porn film. If was boring, it will commute film with its friend.

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