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Cut Tari Photo Gallery

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya, usually called Dance Cut (born in Jakarta, 1 November 1977; age 31) is a presenter and patron of Indonesia. Dance still has the blood of their parents in Aceh. Dance act as a presenter and patron of the players in the world of entertainment ground water.
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Private life
Cut Tari married with Johannes Joseph Subrata dated January 9, 2004.

Women's bloody Aceh - West Sumatra is the achievement of the sculpture is still in elementary school. He was a champion Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) RW level. He was studying piano and organ, but stopped in the middle of the road. Turned 13 years old, women are familiar disapa Ully this so avidly mejeng in front of the camera. Since he was small indeed happy photogenic. Travel the world in his career artists came from the election GADIS Covers 1991. From there, he has the opportunity to get ad teenage cosmetic products, namely Youth in 1993. When he was aged 16 years.

First to jump on the world when he is asked by Harry De Fretes as a guest star in the comedy new patron Heaven. Then he received a bid to appear again in the patron Sides-Sides World (1993), as a helpmate role. Now many endeavors that diperankan by, among others, Travel, Jasmine, Doaku tooth aches, Cafe Blue, Dewi Fortuna Tersanjung and Rosalinda. Until now, despite admitted saturated with the role of the internet often in diperankannya patron, Cut Tari still exist some of her patron and a presenter in various events.

* Name: Cut Tari Aminah Anasya
* Name: Dance Cut
* Born: Jakarta, 1 November 1977
* Father's Name: Teuku Joesransjah (Aceh)
* Education: Stamford College, Jakarta
* Status in the family: children to-3 of 4 with

* Dongeng Langit (sinetron komedi)
* Sisi-Sisi Dunia
* Perjalanan
* Melati
* Doaku Harapanku
* Kafe Biru
* Dewi Fortuna
* Tersanjung
* Roda-Roda Cinta
* Bulan Dan Bintang
* So What Gitu Loh!
* Ratapan Anak Tiri
* Hidayah
* Hikayah
* Aku Bukan Aku
* Namaku Pelangi (Sinetron SCTV)

* Pixy
* Belia

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