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Agnes Monica Photo Gallery

gambar foto agnes monica setengah bugil photos pictures gallery
gambar foto agnes monica setengah bugil photos pictures gallery
gambar foto agnes monica setengah bugil photos pictures gallery
gambar foto agnes monica setengah bugil photos pictures gallery
gambar foto agnes monica setengah bugil photos pictures gallery
Name : Agnes Monica
Born : Jakarta, 1 Juli 1986

Agnes Monica Muljoto (born in Jakarta, 1 July 1986; age 22 years old) is a singer and stage of Indonesia. He has successfully launched a number of hits, and plans to become an international singer.

Agnes started his career in the entertainment world while Indonesia still children, namely, with a junior presenters and performers. Once when he bebrapa vacuum, he returned to the entertainment world with her patron Early Marriages (2001-2003) are shown in the NTI. In these endeavors, he plays a teenage girl who still sit in the benches and GSSS pregnant outside of marriage. Agnes also sings the theme song is patron, the "Early Marriage" and "Lost Heart". Through its endeavors, the name began to rebound and Agnes diperthitungkan scene in the entertainment industry.

After the successful take sings "Early Marriage", Agnes finally released the first adult album titled ".. And The Story Goes ....." in October 2003. Albums and countless successful example as one of Indonesia's top singers. In this album perdananya Agnes menggaet a number of musicians reliable, namely a criminal, Melly Goeslaw, and others. At the launch of the album Agnes start mengikrarkan also sought to "go international."

On 10 December 2005, Agnes launched the album both titled Whaddup A.. '?, With the first single titled "No More Milikmu." Some single other famous enough in this album is "Without Kekasihku", "No Logic", and "The Edge of Love Street." In this latest albums, Agnes also menggaet Keith Martin (the original singer of the United States now experiences in the Philippines that popular in Indonesia with the players entitled "Because of You") to berduet and create songs for Agnes in English with the title "I ' ll Light a Candle ".

After a long time not berakting, Agnes menggebrak 2008 with her patron "Jelita." Agnes also sings soundtracknya entitled "MATAHARIKU." Although sinetronnya not too successful, but the single "MATAHARIKU" Agnes deliver success to "the Most Favorite Male" MTV Indonesia Awards 2008, and ringbacktone it has sold 1 million copies. Agnes kemudain also launched the single entitled "I Godai More". The song is the first creation of Agnes that was included on the album titled Sacredly Agnezious.

Plan overseas

In 2006, Agnes syuting involved in the serial drama entitled The Hospital in Taiwan, where Agnes compete on the Jerry Yan, one of the personnel F4. Agnes also participated in the serial syuting Romance in the White House, where Agnes in the series this play only a few episode only. The second series has been running at all. In the local version, the opening and ending edited in such a way to insert a scene involving Agnes. For drama fans in Taiwan, editing, this force is considered. In accordance with ambitions to "go international", in the year 2006 Agnes decided to stop a total of studies at Pelita Harapan University, majoring in law. Dikabarkan Agnes has been getting bids in the music career in the United States, and plan to be domiciled in the country, "Uncle Sam" is. Although until the end of 2008, Agnes also not "go international", he successfully had the Asian Song Festival 2008 in Seoul, South Korea.


* 2003: "..And The Story Goes....."
* 2005: Whaddup A.. '?!
* 2008: Sacredly Agnezious

Single dan album lain

* Si Meong
* Yess! (Duet Dengan Eza Yayang)
* Bala-Bala
* Tralala Trilili'
* Penikahan Dini (soundtrack Pernikahan Dini)
* Seputih Hati (soundtrack Pernikahan Dini)
* Awan Dan Ombak (Duet with Yana Julio)
* 2008 - Matahariku (soundtrack Jelita)
* 2008 - Godai Aku Lagi


* Lupus Milenia
* Mr. Hologram
* Salimun
* Pernikahan Dini
* Ciuman Pertama
* Kejar Daku Kau Kutangkap
* Kau Yang Terindah (FTV)
* Cinta Selembut Awan (FTV)
* Cewekku Jutek
* Amanda
* Bunga Perawan
* Cantik
* Ku T'lah Jatuh Cinta
* Pink
* Kawin Muda
* Jelita


* Pewangi SO Klin
* Jas Jus
* Sambal Sasa
* Capri-Zone
* New Era
* Honda Vario
* Sakatonik ABG
* Jamu Tolak Angin
* Teh Patuha
* Printer Espon
* Fren
* Natur
* Hemaviton Action


* VAN (Video Anak Anteve)
* Tralala Trilili

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