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Sandra Dewi Photo Gallery

gambar foto sandra dewi photos pictures gallery
gambar foto sandra dewi photos pictures gallery
gambar foto sandra dewi photos pictures gallery
Name : Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri
Born : Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, 8 Agustus 1983

Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri (born in Mittagong, Alberta, 8 August 1983; age 25 years) that is more popular with Sandra Dewi is the stage of Indonesia. Melejit name since playing in movie screen width Quickie Express along with Tora Sudiro and Aming. Then the name is known by the community with a role in the endeavors of Love Indah.


Initially, the girl bleeding in Palembang, Chinese [1], Sudanese, the Netherlands and fled to Jakarta in 2001 to continue studying at the London School of Public Relations. Eldest of three couples with Andreas Gunawan Basri and Chatarina Erliani started his career through this election Miss Enchanteur 2002 and minister of tourism in West Jakarta. However, Sandra and then resume course selecting a focus. Sandra is like eating snakes and monkeys [2] This began to plunge the world of entertainment during the Fun Fearless Female Cosmopolitan Magazine, 2006. In the arena, the two champion Sandra reach. Victory is a springboard for Sandra, after a jury arena, the Nia Dinata menawarinya to promises. Sandra promises to pass the role of Lila, a doctor in the beautiful and smart movie Quickie Express (2007). Sandra name and the famous patron in the role attributed to pursue my running Indah. Sandra Dewi Dewi Sandra and with Luna Maya sings a song entitled "Play" in order to Euro 2008.

Social activities
Cover Sandra Dewi FHM magazine in January 2008

Dewi Sandra has a blog as a means of interaction between it and announced. This blog Dewi Sandra popularize the term for the operation, namely Sanders [3]


* SD St. Theresa I
* SMP St. Theresa I
* SMUK St. Yosef
* London School Of Public Relations


* Quickie Express (2007)
* Tarzan to the City (2008)


* I Jameela (2008)
* Eagle (2008) as Luna
* Beautiful Love (2007)
* Hidayah
* I believe the World

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